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Compacting - is the process if eliminating teaching or student practice due to previous mastery of learning objectives.

Why did compacting got started?
- An absence of challenge in the regular curriculum exists for high-ability or high-achieving students. Students who already know the material can face boredom, inattentiveness, and underachievement, and may become discipline problems in their classrooms.

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- Three phases:
- Defining goals and outcomes
- Determine which material is new (scope and sequence charts www.homeschoolmath.net/curriculum_reviews/scope_sequence.php)

- Identifying candidates for compacting
- If you have had the students for awhile, you will likely be able to estimate which students you think may have the ability to master
material faster than the majority of the class.

- Provide acceleration and enrichment options
- This should be done cooperatively with the student to best increase academic challenge and meet his/her needs.

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FIRST: Identify objectives of unit.

SECOND: Pre-test and identify students who have mastered main objectives.

THIRD: Design activites for students who have already mastered particular objectives. These activities should be exploratory for high-achieving students. This involves dividing students into groups. The compacted group works independently.

Resources: www.ed.gov/ToolforSchools/curc.html , www.metagifted.org/topic/gifted/curriculum/compacting