Layered Curriculum:

Based on current brain imaging information, layered curriculum is a student centered teaching method using a 3 layer model to encourage complex thinking and hold students accountable for the learning.==

What is a Layer?

C Layer : :
Basic knowledge, understanding. The student builds on his/her current level of core information.

B Layer : :
Application or manipulation of the information learned in the C layer. Problem solving or other higher level thinking tasks can be placed here.

A Layer : :
Critical Thinking and Analysis. This layer requires the highest and most complex thought.
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Sample Rubric:

General Instructions: Complete one “layer” before going on to another layer. Each assignment has a point value based on the amount of time and effort necessary to complete that task. You must earn the required number of points in any one layer before moving to the next layer.

For book assignments, write out all questions or directions from the book before answering them. Be prepared to discuss and answer questions about each of your assignments. Failure to do this will result in no credit for that assignment. You will be awarded points by your teacher based upon your ability to discuss and answer questions about your work. When appropriate, you may work with a partner or partners, but you must be able to answer the teacher’s questions without any assistance.

Layer C. Basic Understanding 15 points ( C ). This ( C ) layer must be completed before beginning the ( B ) layer. Also you must pass the exit quiz over layer C with at least an 80 %.

5 __ 6. Exit Quiz completed after Layer C. You must score at least an 80% to go on to Layer B. If you score below 80%, you must study more to learn the content better and retake the quiz.