Learning Modalities

Learning modalities is about recognizing that each student has strengths in different areas. Teachers can create learning experiences that can be tailored to capitalize on the students' strengths in order to maximize individual learning.

There are three types of learning modalities:

external image eye.gif Visual
a student who learns best by seeing information
external image ear.art.gif Auditory
a student who learns best by hearing information
external image hand.gif Kinesthetic
a student who learns best by creating or touching information

Why are learning modalities important to my class?

The importance of understanding different learning modalities relates to differentiation by giving all students an opportunity to master content through their individual learning strengths. The links provide examples of lessons and content strategies that will aid in addressing these learning modalities.

Where can I find more information?

Strategies for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners

Learning Modality: Kinesthetic
Learning Modality: Visual
Learning Modality: Auditory

PBS Link

How can I find out the best learning modality for a student?

Learning Modality Questionnaire