Motivating students in the classroom is an essential aspect of promoting effective learning in the classroom. When students are engaged in the learning process, participation and comprehension are greatly improved. As educators, it is important to incorporate a variety of motivational strategies and techniques in an effort to create an optimum learning environment. Some students need motivation to write, draw, or express themselves in other ways. Sometimes technology can provide motivating tools and resources.

Incentives That Motivate Learning

I. Intrinsic Motivators – “Inspiration” which becomes internalized by the students, helps them towards becoming “self-motivated.” Long lasting and internalized by the learner.

· Verbal public praise – inform a student that he/she is doing a great job in front of the class to help build the student’s self image and promote motivation.

· Phone call home – Call a parent and let them know that there student is performing exceptionally well in class. This will bring praise at home and inspire other students to seek the same reward.

II. Extrinsic Motivators – “Inspiration” that comes through immediate gratification. Motivation from specified reward system.

· Ticket reward system – Distribute raffle tickets to students every time they exhibit a positive behavior which will earn them immediate rewards. Goal is to eventually wean students off ticket system and help them become self-motivated.

· Session starter – As an introduction to the class an immediate reward is given to students who would initiate a class activity. Goal is to motivate students who normally don’t initiate class activities.

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