In its simplest terms, a performance assessment is one which requires students to demonstrate that they have mastered specific skills and competencies by performing or producing something.
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For the past few years critics of current assessment practices have called for dramatic changes in how we assess what students know and are able to do. Most of the criticism has been directed at the widespread use of standardized achievement tests in our schools; however, many teacher-made tests and tests found in textbooks have similar weaknesses and limitations. The rationale for performance assessments is that by requiring students to complete high quality performance tasks we have the potential to bring about significant and positive changes in instruction and learning.
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Here are some examples of performance based tasks:

· Art work
· Inventions
· Notebooks
· Problems solved
· Cartoons
· Internet transmissions
· Oral reports/speeches
· Puppet shows
· Collections/Portfolios
· Journals or writing essays
where students are required to
rethink, integrate, and apply

· Original plays, stories, dances
· Reading selection
· Designs and drawings
· Letters
· Pantomimes
· Recipes
· Documentary reports
· Maps
· Performance, musical instrument
· Scale models
· Designing and Carrying out

· Model construction
· Poetry recitations
· Story illustrations
· Foreign language activities
· Musical compositions
· Photos
· Story boards
· Games/Physical performance
Collaborative work in groups
· Plans for inventions
· Performances

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